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Hudson and Landsberg am Lech have been Sister Cities since 1984. This relationship started as just a chance for our two soccer clubs to compete but quickly grew into something more. We now have a high school youth exchange, where students can go to school in another country for the cost of an airline ticket. We also organize trips every couple of years for our citizens to visit each other’s countries for two weeks in the summer. For Hudsonites, the tour includes some of the most scenic spots in southern Germany, as well as several days in Landsberg am Lech Landsberg. In 2018 we also organized our first Hudson Christkindlmarkt, a German-styled holiday market common across Germany. This year's market will take place on both the Clock Tower and the Gazebo Greens.

Sister City

Landsberg am Lech (Landsberg on the river Lech) is a town in southwest Bavaria, Germany, about 40 miles west of Munich and 22 miles south of Augsburg. The city has a population of nearly 29,000. Located on the Romantic Road and known for its picturesque historic center, the city was founded in the early 13th century. The city developed where the salt road crossed the Lech River, providing it with years of prosperity. 

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Moore


Shelley Sedlacek

Board Member
Christkindlmarkt Chair

Chris Foster

Board Member

Erika Raeth

Board Member
Director of Technology & Communication

Richard Kiovsky

Board Member
Youth Exchange Coordinator and Secretary

Emily Berry

Board Member
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